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Études des différents scénarios de hausse et de baisse sur actions forex indices

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Intervista a cura di Rossana Prezioso

I volumi sostengono ancora il trend rialzista Quale è stato l’andamento del Ftse Mib in questi ultimi giorni? Come sottolinea Paola Migliorino, analista dei mercati, ormai i mercati azionari sia in Europa che negli Stati Uniti, stanno affrontando un periodo piuttosto positivo. Il panorama appare sereno ovunque anche se questo avviene in un contesto che…
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Samantha Radocchia – Blockchain Operating System

Exponential Manufacturing Thailand 2019, the best seminar to transform the industrial sector for the first time in Southeast Asia, hosted by The Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.), organized by Exponential Social Enterprise, and with the collaboration of Singularity University (SU), brought the successful innovators from Silicon Valley and around the globe to share their knowledge…
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Mark Moss: How To Succeed in Life Without College Education

My guest today is Mark Moss, an investor, and entrepreneur with a passion to learn, improve daily and educate others so they too can live their life with fun, fulfillment and financial freedom. In this episode of the Invest Diva Movement, we first address how Mark Moss was the one who encouraged me to switch…
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Vendredi 15 novembre 2019

• Partie macroéconomique : 01:35 • EUR/USD : 10:38 • GBP/USD : 13:45 • USD/JPY : 15:02 • CAC 40 & DAX 30 : 17:47 • SP500 : 31:54 • DOW : 36:22 • NASDAQ : 38:18 • Or : 41:11 • Argent : 42:55 • Pétrole : 44:30 • Bitcoin : 48:48

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